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Many Prospective Pupils Are Wondering: "How Can College Anu Rank
Date Added: December 14, 2017 07:32:11 AM
Author: Erwin McIlwraith
Category: Science and Technology
But in general, many new prospective students / new cadets who are interested to study at the College of Education Office Bonds. Perhaps because of the advantages that have become the main kuliah jurusan fotografi di bandung attraction for the devotees. Official site address: National Higher School of Defense11. Abdi Negara State Administration College (STIPAN)College of official STIPANAbdi Negara Government Science High School is a private university organized by Yayasan Abdi Negara Nusantara. STIPAN has 2 courses namely kuliah jurusan fotografi study program of governmental science and political science. Official site address: Institute of Local Government9. State Intelligence High School (STIN)Higher Education Department STINWww.bin.go.idThe State Intelligence High School is a service college organized by the State Intelligence Agency. Excellence schools in the College of Statistics:Free of charge or free,Getting pocket money from campus,STIS graduates will be more secure to enter civil servantsSame with other High School of Service, enthusiasts in STIS very much. Therefore you must study the more active. Ministry of Marine and Fisheries Sekolah Tinggi Perikanan (STP), Jakarta, DKI JakartaBitung Fisheries Academy (APB), Bitung, North SulawesiSidoarjo Fishery Academy, (APS), Sidoarjo, East JavaSorong Fisheries Academy, (APSOR), Sorong, West PapuaBogor Fishery High School, (STP Jurluhkan), Bogor, West JavaField Administration Training Field Fishery Serang, (BAPPL Serang), Serang, BantenSchool of Medium Fishery Business of Ladong Country, (SUPM N Ladong), Nanggoe Aceh DarussalamSchool of Medium Fishery Business of Pariaman, (SUPM N Pariaman), Pariaman, West SumateraSchool of Medium Fisheries Affairs of Tegal, (SUPM N Tegal), Tegal, Central JavaSchool of Medium Fisheries Affairs Bone, (SUPM N Bone), Bone, South SulawesiSchool of Medium Fisheries Affairs of the City of Agung, (SUPM N Kota Agung), Kota Agung, LampungPontianak Secondary School of Fishery Business, (SUPM N Pontianak), Pontianak, West KalimantanWaeheru Intermediate Fishery Business School, (SUPM N Waeheru), Maluku, AmbonSchool of Medium Sorong Fisheries Business (SUPM N Sorong), Sorong, PapuaMinistry of HealthMaluku Health Polytechnic - AmbonPoliteknik Kesehatan AcehBandung Health PolytechnicHealth Polytechnic BanjarmasinHealth Polytechnic of BengkuluPoliteknik Kesehatan BantenDenpasar Health PolytechnicPolytechnic Health GorontaloHealth Polytechnic Jakarta IHealth Polytechnic Jakarta IIHealth Polytechnic Jakarta IIIJambi Health PolytechnicHealth Polytechnic of KendariHealth Polytechnic of Riau - PekanbaruKupang Health PolytechnicHealth Polytechnic of MakassarHealth Polytechnic of MalangMamuju Health PolytechnicManado Health PolytechnicMataram Health PolytechnicHealth Polytechnic MedanHealth Polytechnic of PadangHealth Polytechnic of Pangkal PinangPalangkaraya Health PolytechnicPalembang Health PolytechnicHealth Polytechnic of PaluHealth Polytechnic Jayapura - PapuaPontianak Health PolytechnicHealth Polytechnic of East Kalimantan - SamarindaPoliteknik Kesehatan SemarangSurabaya Health PolytechnicSurakarta Health PolytechnicTanjung Karang Health PolytechnicTasikmalaya Health PolytechnicTernate Health PolytechnicHealth Polytechnic YogyakartaMinistry of Communication and InformaticsMulti Media Training Center (MMTC), YogyakartaMinistry of TransportationHigh School of Land Transportation (STTD), Bekasi, West JavaMarunda High School of Marine Science, Jakarta, DKI JakartaIndonesia High School Flight, (STPI) Curug, Tangerang District, BantenFlight Engineering and Safety Academy Medan, Medan, North SumateraFlight Engineering and Safety Academy Surabaya, Surabaya, East JavaMakassar Engineering and Aviation Safety Academy, Makassar, South SulawesiAcademy of Railways, Madiun, East JavaEducation and Training Center of Shipping Sciences Tangerang, BantenMakassar Shipping Polytechnic, South SulawesiPolytechnic of Semarang Sailing Sciences, Central JavaPolytechnic Shipping Surabaya, East JavaRoad Transport Safety Polytechnic (PKTJ / Poltran) Tegal, Central JavaMinistry of IndustryHigh School of Textile Technology (STTT), Bandung, West JavaHigh School of Industrial Management Jakarta (STMI), Jakarta, DKI JakartaSkin Technology Academy of Yogyakarta (ATK), Yogyakarta, DIYThe Company Leaders Academy Jakarta (APP), JakartaPadang Industrial Technology Academy (ATIP), Padang, West SumateraMakassar Industrial Engineering Academy (ATIM), Makassar, South SulawesiEducation Technology Chemical Industry Medan (PTKI), Medan, North SumateraAcademy of Chemical Analysis Bogor (AKA), Bogor, West JavaMinistry of DefenseMilitary Academy (TNI Army), Magelang, Central JavaNaval Academy (TNI Navy), Surabaya, East JavaAir Force Academy (TNI Air Force), YogyakartaNavy Technology College (TNI NOT),.