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GPT Partition How To Install Ghost Win7 64-bit System | Uefi+gpt Mode U Disk Installation Ghost.
Date Added: April 12, 2018 01:24:47 PM
Author: Luella Stiltner
Category: Business & Economy: Services
Most new notebooks and motherboards support uefi boot, uefi+gpt default win8 and win10 system startup method, in fact gpt partition also supports win7 64-bit system, then gpt partition how to install ghost win7 64-bit system? The following system city Xiaobian teaches you to use u disk to install ghost win7 64-bit system in uefi+gpt mode. Related tutorials: Uefi gpt install original win7 step (non-GHOST) Uefi gpt mode u disk start installation win7 steps (Chinese cabbage installation method 2017) First, installation preparation 1, support uefi computer, how to see whether the motherboard supports UEFI mode 2, operating system: ghost win7 64-bit Ultimate 3, 4G U disk, making U disk PE boot disk 4, backup hard disk all data 5, start settings: computer set UEFI boot method Second, gpt partition installation ghost win7 64-bit system steps 1, restart the computer press F2/F1/Del to enter the BIOS, under Security, close Secure Boot, set to Disabled; 2, in the Exit or find OS Optimized Defaults, changed to Disabled or select Other OS; 3. When you loved this information and you would love to receive much more information about backup your usb drive assure visit our web-page. Under Boot, set CSM to Enabled, Boot Mode to UEFI, and press F4/F10 to save. 4, insert the U disk boot disk, restart press F12 / ESC select USB into U disk PE system; 5, if it is pre-installed win8 or win10 is gpt partition, directly run PE installed tool, select the installation letter, usually C drive, it is best to determine the location of the C drive according to capacity and label, pe C drive may not be the computer's C Disk, select OK, click OK, directly install win7 64-bit system; 6, enter the following interface, after the completion of the automatic restart, you can complete the win7 64-bit system installation; 7, if it is not gpt partition, then run DiskGenius partitioning tool; 8. Click on 'Hard Disk' - 'Delete All Partitions' - 'Save Changes' - 'Convert Partition Table to GUID Format' - 'Save Changes'; 9, click on 'hard disk' - 'fast partition', the default will create ESP partitions and MSR partitions, select the number of partitions, determine; 10, partitioning and formatting operations, as shown in the figure after completion; 11. Close the partition tool, run the PE installation tool, and install the system. The above method is to use U disk to install ghost win7 64 bit system in uefi+gpt mode. Interested friends may wish to learn this method and hope to help everyone. Related Tutorial: How to use U disk to install win7 system Related Tutorial: win7 system installation boot partition efi system partition win7 activation win764 system ghostxp read gpt protection partition win7 64-bit ghost installation