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How To Partition The Mobile Hard Disk 3 Kinds Of Mobile Hard Disk Partition Method
Date Added: April 14, 2018 07:23:48 AM
Author: Denis Kellett
Category: Arts & Humanities: Reference
With the ever-increasing amount of data processing, the capacity of mobile hard disks we use has also gone up. From the initial tens of G to the current 1T is the mainstream, and the volume is getting smaller and smaller, and data security has also increased. The higher the transmission speed is, the faster the transmission speed is, and it does not need a separate power supply. Basically, the U port is directly powered. And the vast majority of mobile hard drives on the market are based on standard hard drives. Only a few of them are mini hard drives (1.8-inch hard drives, etc.), but the price factor determines whether the mainstream mobile hard drives are based on standard notebook hard drives. So a large part of people will use a computer to upgrade laptop hard drives DIY mobile hard drive, inexpensive. Below Pepsi Net Xiaobian grid and everyone to understand how the partition of the mobile hard disk. How to partition the mobile hard disk 3 kinds of mobile hard disk partition method Guess you may like: mobile hard disk which is good five hot 1TB mobile hard disk recommended The steps for moving hard disk partitions are as follows: 1, first connect the mobile hard disk and the computer, the general will be displayed in the hard disk, rather than in a removable storage device display, so do not be surprised oh, after all, its essence is the notebook hard drive, as shown below: 2. Under normal circumstances, the mobile hard disk is a partition. If we want to partition, under normal circumstances usb external backup ( we must first back up important things inside the computer now, because the partition format will lead to data loss, so if there is an important mobile hard disk Data, it is recommended to copy to the computer hard disk. 3, we usually use the XP system, or later versions, so Xiaobian to win7 system as an example (Win7 is currently the most mainstream system Oh), first connect the mobile hard disk to the computer, and then right-click on the desktop Computer - Manage - Open Disk Management, as shown below: Management computer 4. Find our mobile hard drive, then right-click on the selected compressed volume - select the size, there will be an unallocated partition. 5, right-click the unallocated disk, and then choose to create a new simple volume, will come out a user interface, we in turn select the disk size, file system, disk drive, disk label can be, and finally he will prompt formatting, formatting is completed Our partition will be completed. 6. After the first partition that we want to share, if we seem to have more points, repeat the above steps. It is very simple. Maybe many of my friends think that such partitioning is very troublesome. We must take a step by step. Can we use software to help us accomplish this? This of course can be for example DiskGenius, partition helper, etc. are very convenient, DiskGenius partition has a lot of choices, we can auction choose according to their needs, such as fast partition, but the disadvantage is that the partition will be formatted to store The data is destroyed. Is there a way to losslessly partition the files? Our files are not backed up and the partitioned files are not destroyed! DiskGenius mobile hard disk partition If you want to do this, you have to use the partition assistant software, he can do a non-destructive partition, it is very powerful, the specific operation method, Xiao Bian is not here to talk about it, one he gave everyone a very comprehensive partition Tutorial. The last thing to notice is that when partitioning, the file system selects NTFS, and then selects 4K alignment. This time, it helps the performance of the hard disk. Related Hotspots: What brand of mobile hard disk is good, how does the mobile hard disk not display?\u0026nbsp;The solution that the mobile hard disk cannot recognize Editor's Note: In general, partitioning a mobile hard disk is easier than partitioning a hard disk on our computer, because the hard disk partition can be directly executed in our system. For example, the hard disk partition of our computer hard disk needs to use PE. Tools or some dos tool commands etc. The rookie must: hard disk how to partition Rookie must see the hard disk partition detailed