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Date Added: April 15, 2018 05:48:28 PM
Author: Clay Bonney
Category: Recreation & Sports
This is the FbinstTool download, FbinstTool is a tool that can easily create a bootable U disk. Due to various complicated reasons, the results of different BIOS's handling of USB disk CHS/LBA parameters are not the same, resulting in a single U disk, a successful BOOT on one machine, and a possible BOOT failure on another machine. FbinstTool is characterized by safety, not as dangerous as mass production, but also to find a variety of production tools. Create a hidden partition to save your file. Read-only, good compatibility, for the old machine can not support the production of U disk boot can also support part. Easy to maintain, file management can be performed on hidden areas. Fbinsttool green version v1.607 update log: 1. Solve the problem of reported drug 2. Solve the problem of interception by uac 3. No more temporary files on disk except qemu test 4. Add thread management, and add a progress bar, no longer appear in the phenomenon of suspended animation when importing large files 5. Because fbinst only destroys the 8M data in front of the disk, the backup partition table is changed to backup the first sector (mbr) in order to solve the bug in the backup of invalid partition table when formatting the disk. 6. Add the ability to drag multiple files to a folder at the same time. Here's more regarding usb backup system look at our own web page. 7. Intensified \u0026ldquo;repair mbr\u0026rdquo; function, if the original 0 sector fb flag and lba is not destroyed, it will not repair other partitions, now completely repaired 0~64 sectors. 8. Format a. Cancel the file list encoding selection and change to the default utf-8 encoding. b. Cancel the file format selection of non-ud zone. Change it to less than 512m and format it as fat16. Otherwise, it will be fat32. c. Cancel the 'flash block alignment' because the minimum unit of fb is M, so it is always 1m aligned. 9. Built-in Qemu, can directly test: a. U disk, fba file B.fba or u disk iso or img c. batch tail iso or img D.gz compressed iso or img 10. Support grub4dos new menu format A.fbt has a built-in font in the resource file format. When the menu is modified, if the menu contains Chinese characters, the font of the Chinese character in the menu is automatically added to the menu and compressed in lzma format. b. Users can import, export, and delete self-select fonts. c. It also provides an easy way to add external menus in ud and Chinese fonts in batch as self-selected fonts. Avltool: This is the Avltool download. The Avltool rate test for the century was using the FTP protocol (RFC 765) to initiate an FTP connection from the user's computer to the test platform and download data at the fastest rate. In the test, the downloaded data is temporarily in memory and will not be written to the hard disk, which will not affect the user's machine. Because there will be some delay in establishing TCP connection, and when FTP begins to transmit data, the speed will not be so fast and stable, so if the test time is longer, the measured rate is more stable and more reliable. VMware Tools windows.iso: This is VMware Tools windows.iso download, VMware latest version of VMware Tools windows.iso file, the necessary VMware Tools is to install support for you win related tools, such as drag and drop this version into 68m Strong, must support win10 and the like.