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15 Thoughts On 'Careful Synology Cloud Sync Backup On Baidu Cloud'
Date Added: April 15, 2018 08:35:40 PM
Author: Abbie Napper
Category: Science and Technology
After getting Synology's NAS, the DS414 backs up 100G or so photo files to Baidu Cloud. The speed can basically run my bandwidth. It feels very satisfied, fast, and has large storage space. NAS can upload at night. However, after the backup in one phase, some operations were done and only a few problems were discovered. There are several problems that are currently encountered: First, the folder can not be synchronized In the Cloud Sync Baidu cloud backup options, 'folder' there, for example, you choose the directory A, there are five subdirectories such as abcde below, whichever number of random backups. After that, you modify the directory: delete, or add the directory to the large directory A. In the folder options of Cloud Sync, it cannot always be refreshed correctly. For example, you have added a directory f. There are some files below, and then Cloud Sync will automatically back up and upload. However, you cannot find the f directory in the folder options, and you can't interrupt or modify the upload. But at the same time, I built two backups like Hubic and Amazon Driver, and the above operations can be accurately refreshed. When you adored this article and also you want to acquire guidance concerning usb backup stick generously pay a visit to our web-page. Take a look at the screenshot below. This is a customer service remotely to test my problem. Under Cloud Sync's Test Baidu cloud task, there is a folder called 'My Documents Box', but the above File Station can be seen, this directory does not exist. Second, Baidu cloud task upload bandwidth can not control Because it is hoped that the faster the better it is when starting a backup, the 'Settings' - 'Flow Control' has not changed, and it can fill my bandwidth. Later, during the day, using a computer to transfer files to friends, they went to change the bandwidth and found that no matter how they changed, they were always running at full speed and had to pause. After a few tests, I experimented with the Hubic and Amazon Driver tasks that were built at the same time. Change this parameter and the upload rate is immediately controlled. You can see the screenshot below, the Hubic control played a role in the 50K, but Baidu cloud no matter how much it is transferred, is always full, about 1M upload bandwidth. The problem that this brings is that it is not easy for you to take care of the Internet and uploading at the same time during the day. For example, I have a relatively high speed requirement during the day, but I do not want to stop the upload. The best compromise is to reduce the upload speed. Relax afterwards. But this way, there is some trouble. PS: This paragraph may be wrong, but later I discovered that the so-called 'single connection' in the group's Hui refers to a process. In the global setting, you can set how many processes to enable to download and upload. This one is called single. Connecting, when I wrote this article, I understood the speed of the entire link, so if each of the 10 processes is 50K, then it is basically full of bandwidth. - 20161209 Supplement Third, this is the most terrible problem. I contacted Synology's customer service to remotely log in to my NAS to check the problem. The other party needed my Baidu account, and I temporarily changed one. As a result, it was found that Cloud Sync reminded that the connection was expired, interrupted, and needed to be reconnected. So how do you reconnect? Unfortunately, there are no buttons to reconnect. You can only delete this task and create one. Maybe you see it still doesn't feel bad, but I tell you what happened next. My backup task is a combination of many folders. The entire backup is about 500G. My first batch of 100G backup files was selected. The folder combination is a bit complicated, but there is no place in Synology for you to save your backup set, so it is quite painful for me to rebuild the task. Fortunately, it is still very familiar with those directories, be reconstructed. But worse still, Cloud Sync shows that I have 140,000 files to sync, but I actually only backed up more than 7000! Then I started downloading files at a very fast speed, resulting in a combination of files like this: 2006_0430_1601_31.jpg 2006_0430_1601_31_DiskStation_Jul-01-2023-2015_Conflict.jpg Scared me, this means that if I let it go, it will download all over 7,000 files I uploaded (and more than 130,000 files I don't know where to go)! I quickly stopped the task and changed the two-way synchronization to one-way. As a result, Cloud Sync did not download but it began to upload again! Because of the problems of problems 1 and 2, I removed the Hubic task and then rebuilt it.