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Date Added: April 17, 2018 11:47:26 AM
Author: Hildegard Blocker
Category: Arts & Humanities: Censorship
Smart X3 programmable dongles are high-performance professional programming locks with 32-bit highest level security smart card chip as the core, no need to install drivers, built-in large-capacity data file system and executable file system, allowing the important code in the software to be transplanted and downloaded Performs on X3 hardware (non-virtual machine mode), double-precision double floating-point operations, multiple executable files can be downloaded to the lock, and ladder-like access to the executable files in the lock. And specifically for games, complex computing and other software to optimize, while meeting the user's needs for software security and performance. The hardware in the lock supports a variety of encryption algorithms and the key and calculation process are never locked. A master lock can also be provided. The design concept of the child and mother locks can effectively prevent data leakage in the development process. The Smart X3 programmable dongles provide security for the entire life cycle of the software, providing developers with the greatest convenience and security from development, testing, download, batch setup, user registration, browser login, and remote upgrade. Smart X3 programmable dongles are divided into standard and professional versions to meet the needs of different users. Professional version increases the capacity of data file system and executable file system on the basis of the standard version, and supports B/ S secure login and remote upgrade. ◆ Drive-free USB interface ◆ The only 32-bit hardware serial number in the world ◆ Based on 32-bit ARM core high-strength smart card security chip ◆ Efficient, powerful and stable programmable function ◆ Humanized encryption lock project management tools and testing tools ◆ Safe and reliable B/S genuine verification, secure login, and remote upgrade* ◆ Time chain anti-tracking to protect the algorithm logic in the lock ◆ Built-in large-capacity secure data file system and executable file system ◆ Engineering lock synchronization management and production ◆ Support double-precision floating-point operations, 64-bit data types ◆ The hardware supports multiple security algorithms, and the key and computing process never lock ◆ Support background executable executable files in the background and can be executed on power-up* ◆ Optimized for software such as game software and complex calculations Chip security level 32-bit ARM core smart card security chip Storage capacity 4K-24K data area, 8K-64K programming area* Rewritable number Write 100,000 times, unlimited reading Shared Cache 2K Data retention time 10 years Built-in security algorithms 3DES, RSA, SHA1, MD5... Communication built-in hardware encryption, random interference encryption protocol Power up to 100MW Operating temperature 0 to 50°C Storage temperature -20 ~ 70 °C Interface Type USB (2.0, 1.1, 3.0 Compatible) Anti-brute device detection error 3 times, that is to enter the automatic protection state Appearance size 55mm*17mm*7mm/18mm*15mm*7mm Total weight 8g / 2.3g Shell material Metal Shell color optional Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 2008/Windows 8/Windows 2012 ; Rich software interface: Delphi, Java, PB, VB, VC, VS.NET and so on. Scope of application: Suitable for users who have software encryption requirements and can quickly integrate with software, and have a large storage capacity requirement. The price is our advantage; the high-quality service is our basic long-term break in the fiercely competitive wholesale business! To maximize the benefits and benefits to our customers, win-win is our ultimate pursuit! Waiting for your long-term cooperation! Special statement: This site's encryption and decryption test service is only for learning and test exchange. Can only be used for legitimate private testing purposes, can not enter the trade channel, such as the test party violates the test conditions, such as the third party benefits are inconsistent, will be self-obligation obligations, has nothing to do with this site. If you do not comply with this statement, please do not contact with this site. If the test work of this site affects the rights of you and your company, please submit it automatically. We will avoid inadvertent actions that infringe upon your rights and interests. Finally, we encourage you to support domestically-proven software. When you loved this informative article and you want to receive details relating to usb backup storage device kindly visit our own website.