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Teach You To Install Win10 System To USB Removable Hard Disk
Date Added: May 17, 2018 02:37:28 PM
Author: Anitra Higbee
Category: Business & Economy: Services
For a variety of reasons, many network management friends like to preconception use the usb mobile hard disk loading system, but to successfully install the Internet cafe system must first be installed to USB, see a lot of users are merrett asking how to install the WIN10 system to the USB mobile hard disk, Here's a detailed introduction. First download the partition assistant, after the completion of the download to find the partition assistant file, double-click the file, follow the prompts to install it. Then install the WIN10-14352 system to the USB disk, insert the U disk, start the partition assistant, click [Install Win8/10 to the mobile hard disk] on the left side of the window; in the open installation Win8/10 to the mobile hard disk window, click [Select win8 /10 file] after browsing. Then open a window to select the installation file, and then click: browse; find the installation file from the computer disk or U disk (I use the U disk installation file): [this computer] - [install U disk] - [GHO ]-[WIN10-14352]-[sources], find the install.wim file in the sources window, left click: install.wim file, and then click: open (O). After clicking this to open, O:\\\\\\\\GHO\\\\\\\\Windows10-14352\\\\\\\\sources\\\\\\\\install.wim is displayed in the window where you chose to install the file. Click: OK (O); click OK , Back to select the Windows8/10 file window, you can see O:\\\\\\\\GHO\\\\\\\\windows10-14352\\\\\\\\sources\\\\\\\\install.wim displayed in the [select windows8/10 file] column, click : Execute (P). At this point, an information dialog box will pop up: To continue execution, the program will delete all data on this USB disk and format the usb backup restore ( disk. If there is important data on this USB disk, the txwb Internet Café Alliance recommends that you back it up first. Click: Yes (Y); This USB disk is being formatted, wait a minute; The program is creating a win8/10 bootable disk... A long time, wait patiently. Welcome to visit the most professional diskless forum, Internet cafe forum Pay attention to the Internet Wechat in the world, understand the latest Internet cafe information / download the Internet cafe APP, exchange discussion