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Dragon Tiger Entertainment Official Website
Date Added: May 23, 2018 02:35:03 PM
Author: Holley Meaux
Category: Science and Technology: Artificial Life
Vista key recovery tool is a system restore software that can ensure the security of your computer files. It can be said to be a fool-style tool. There are not many options. All of them are very simple to use. Basically, it is easy for you to complete the restoration. , you are welcome to download it. 1, Professional: Support Windows7, Vista operating system (also supports multiple systems) for a one-button backup and a key to restore 2. Robust: do not write any data in the partition table, safe backup, does not damage any hard disk data (special tip: because not Write to the partition table, it can not support the boot shortcuts, this feature, etc. we decided) 3, simple: less to no less options, fool to install, fool the operation, fool to uninstall, automation. 4, powerful: to Ghost as the core function, dozens of operating commands for a comprehensive batch integration 5, free: still free software, and Vista optimization master, Windows7 optimization master, permanent free 6, peace of mind: with forum area Communicate with each other to solve your problems quickly? Vista One-Button Restore (Windows7 One-Button Restore) 1.3.6 Official Version Upgrade Log (February 16, 2009) 1. Fixed a problem that some users did not display the menu after startup ? Vista one-click restore (Windows7 a key to restore) 1.3.5 official version of the upgrade log (November 19, 2008) 1, amended a part of the user to enter the Ghost environment to stop working after a detail, amended some users do not show the boot A detail of the Chinese? Vista one-click restore (Windows7 one-click restore) 1.3.0 official version upgrade log (March 31, 2008) 1, re-deployed the image management function, added detailed information, etc., more clearly and clearly Display this image information to make it convenient for users to make choices according to their needs. 2. Added functional navigation. More simple and clear use. 3. When the image is deleted, the path remains. What is the bug? Vista OneKey Restore (Windows7 OneKey Recovery) 1.2.0 Official Version Upgrade Log (February 2, 2008) 1. New: Image Management function, you can restore any existing usb external backup drive image to Vista system. Partition, can be used as a hard disk installer 2, new: multiple image deletion function 3, upgrade: arbitrary settings boot menu select time 4, new: Ghost recognizes the hard disk patch to support more hard disk types 5, upgrade : hard disk information generation tool, more stable generation of hard disk information, support for more brand computers? Vista one-click restore (Windows7 one-click restore) 1.1.0 official version upgrade log (December 27, 2007) 1, new: support Make multiple backups of Windows Vista 2. Add new: Support to restore any one of the historical backups 3. Add: Arbitrary settings Start menu select time 4. Add: mirror split function to meet the special needs of some users 5. Add new : Backup File Compression Rate and Compression Speed ​​Three Options 6. Added: Vista System Weight Loss Feature Selection Before Backup? Vista One-Click Restore (Windows 7 One-Click Restore) 1.0.0 Official Version Upgrade Zhi (December 12, 2007) 1. Resolved the issue of restarting vista with a key to restore Chinese characters without displaying Chinese characters. 2. Solved the problem that some users start up and cannot find vt.mbr. 3. Limit the setting of Chinese backup under windows. Path 4, added a variety of modes to enter the backup restore interface 5, rewritten forms and uninstall files, streamlined the files in the package. ? Vista one-click restore (Windows7 a key to restore) 1.0.0 beta2 upgrade log (December 4, 2007) 1, to solve the problem of some users when prompted to find corny the file when the backup 2, to solve the part of the user boot to find Less than Vista a key to restore the boot menu problems 3, to improve Vista a key to restore the uninstall, to solve the boot still has Vista a key to restore the boot menu problems 4, to solve the backup after entering the Vista system can not run Vista a key to restore the software 5 Solved the problem that some users can not find the target partition when restoring? One-click restore (Windows7 one-click restore) 1.0.0 Beta1 official version upgrade log (November 29, 2007) 1. Today officially began public test