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Diskgenius Simplified Chinese Version | Diskgenius Simplified Chinese Version V4.9.5 Green Version
Date Added: November 01, 2018 01:09:52 PM
Author: Myles Becerra
Category: Recreation & Sports: Theatre
Diskgenius Simplified Chinese is a disk partition and data recovery software. The simplified Chinese version of diskgenius supports partitioning of GPT disks (using GUID partition tables). In addition to basic disk management functions such as partition creation, deletion, and formatting, it also provides a powerful lost partition search function, file deletion by mistake, formatted inadvertently, and file recovery after the partition is destroyed, partition image backup and Restore function, partition copy, hard disk copy function, fast partition function, integer partition function, partition table error check and repair function, bad track detection and repair function. Provides read and write of files based on disk sectors. \u0026nbsp; Diskgenius simplified Chinese version introduction: Support VMWare virtual hard disk format. Supports various types of hard disks such as IDE, SCSI, and SATA. Support U disk, USB hard disk, memory card (flash memory card). Supports FAT12/FAT16/FAT32/NTFS/EXT3 file systems. If you have any questions relating to where and how you can utilize usb image backup, you could call us at the web-page. Diskgenius simplified Chinese version function introduction: 1, hard disk partition Supports hard disk integer partitioning, fast partitioning, rewriting of the primary partition MBR boot record, partition copying, hard disk copying, and the like. 2, data recovery and partition recovery Recover lost data files due to accidental deletion or mis-formatting. Restore lost partitions. Instantly view phase files and partition image backups and restores. 3, disk repair Partition table error checking and repair, bad track detection and repair, and file-based read and write functions based on disk sectors. Support VMWare virtual hard disk format. Supports various types of hard disks such as IDE, SCSI, and SATA. 4, mobile storage support Support U disk, USB hard disk, memory card (flash memory card). Supports FAT12/FAT16/FAT32/NTFS/EXT3 file systems. \u0026nbsp; Diskgenius simplified Chinese version v4.9.0 update log: 1, support exfat file system format. Exfat including read and write files, backup and restore partitions, partition clone, capacity adjustment, lost partition recovery, file data recovery, rapid partition, bulk u disk formatting functions. 2, increase the hard disk s.m.a.r.t information display function. 3. In the sector editing function, add a menu item that shows the cluster occupancy of the root directory. 4, the sector edits the copy data block to the clipboard function, supports C language code, grep hexadecimal, pascal language code and other formats. 5, in the file cluster list dialog box to display the file size, the number of clusters, the number of pieces and other information. 6, shows the disk's 'movable', 'read only', 'solid state' and other attributes. 7. Improve the stability of the read/write function of the fat32 partition file. 8, enhance the fat32 partition recovery file function, improve the success rate. 9. Optimize the loading speed of the partitioned data occupancy graph. 10. Improve support for large capacity ntfs partitions. 11, improve the compatibility of the damaged guid partition table. 12. When formatting a partition, the cluster size cannot be smaller than the physical sector size of the disk. 13. The drive letter is not assigned by default when formatting hidden partitions. When the user needs to assign, the hidden state of the partition is canceled before assigning the drive letter. 14, search partition function, find the end of the partition more than 2tb range, no longer display \u0026ldquo; This is a logical partition \u0026 rdquo; option. 15, new partition dialog box, support for 'tb' unit. 16. Prevent partition guids from conflicting when restoring (or cloning) partitions on gpt disks. 17, support ntfs file system without a file name. 18. Bad track detection function, detailed information dialog box, can be sorted by clicking on the title of the list. 19, batch formatted u disk function, enhanced support for usb hub. 20. Correct the problem of failing to copy files from the other partition's root directory to the specified partition. 21. Correct the bug that the specified sector function fails to jump to the file system through the right-click menu of the file list. 22, correct fast partition function has partitions not in accordance with the requirements of the alignment of the bug. 23. Correct the problem that the dialog window control flickers when the fat32 partition is deleted by mistake. 24.