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Asus Computer This Detailed U Disk Installation Windows7 System Step Tutorial Or Video
Date Added: November 15, 2018 07:47:46 PM
Author: Gidget Swader
Category: Computers & Internet: Games
Asus re-installed windows7 system flow is as follows The first is to use the U disk to install windows8 system, computer repair shop installed system 30-50 yuan a time, it is better to buy a u disk directly, after which you can install the machine for free. And you are not afraid of any problems encountered, you can solve it with one-click installation. ASUS this reinstalled windows7 system principle: The U disk is built with a PE system (mini windows system, only 29M) and then plugged into the computer, using the U disk to start, and then do the system, mainly convenient and can operate better, it is not easy to have problems. Asus has reinstalled windows7 Asus has reinstalled windows7 to prepare for work: Prepare a U disk, preferably 2.0 interface (some computer 3.0 interface, the system may be probable failure to install the system.), it is recommended to use more than 8G U disk, backup u disk information! ! ! 2. Baidu search 'System 119' to download the pure version pe, if your computer is not available, you can use your friend's computer; 3. Baidu search 'system 119' to download the system image of the pure version of WIN8 first downloaded to the U disk. The following is the process of reinstalling windows7 system by ASUS: 1. Install the system will clean all the files of the c drive, to back up important files on the computer, (c drive range: desktop, my documents, etc.) notebooks, desktop shortcuts are not the same, the current BOOT hotkeys are F8-F12 can be activated. 2. After confirming the shortcut button of your computer, plug in the u disk and restart the computer before booting. After restarting, press the shortcut key quickly. If the startup is successful, an interface will pop up, select USB HDD, or bring With the usb to backup computer or HDD option, press the enter button. 3. Asus re-installed windows7 system, please choose win8pe (single-core multi-core can be) 4. After entering the desktop, select [Universal ghost tool] - select [Easy mode] - select [Restore system] 5. Click "Computer" to find "President installed u disk" in the category of removable storage device. Click on it and select the system you just copied into the USB disk. 6. Select the "c" disk and click "Continue". At this point, wait for the progress to complete before restarting the computer. 7. Unplug the u disk and wait for the computer to automatically deploy the ASUS. Reinstall Windows 7 and complete it. The duration is about 15-25 minutes. After booting from the hard disk and entering the computer, the system will start to be installed, such as configuring the start menu, registering components, etc. Asus will re-install the windows7 system for the entire installation process will take longer, be patient. Precautions: 1. Forcibly quit, power off, and restart before the system is installed. 2. Back up the information of the u disk and computer before loading; 3. If you have any questions, please feel free to trust me at any time; If you are helpful, please adopt, live a happy life. What you are talking about is to use the U disk as the boot disk. Microsoft has a software called Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool, which is specially prepared for win7. With this gadget, you can directly make the u disk into the boot disk and install win7. Follow the prompts. Yes, if you are in the xp environment, you may need to install a patch. This thing is very convenient.