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Bloggers and Influencers, and Why You Should Work With Them
Date Added: January 24, 2019 03:47:18 AM
Author: Adrian Falk
Category: Business & Economy: Marketing and Advertising
Over the years, marketing greatly evolved and developed along with the modernization of the world. With technology constantly developing, marketing has been in sync with this development and has discovered different platforms to market the products of their clients. Since it's a smartphone era wherein almost everything is accessible with the touch of your phone, the marketing industry decided to engage in social media. Since social media users increase day by day, signing up for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and all other social networking sites, marketers started working with bloggers and influencers. An influencer, from the word itself, is someone who is influential online. Influencers practice posting their reviews on a product, experiences about their travel, or tutorials on social media and the influence is often measured by the number of followers, subscribers, likes, comments, etc., on the influencer's social media account. On the other hand, bloggers have their own site dedicated on their craft. Whether it's beauty, photography, fashion, sports, among others. They post content on their sites and they become influcers if their blog site gains a heavy traffic. With the influencer and blogger metrics presented on the profiles, marketers then decide on which influencer would be a good investment or not. One important reason why you should work with influencers is that they create great content. Their creativity comes out each time they release high-quality content - to attract the audience, and to sell to them as well. Common contents that are released are instagram posts, product reviews and product tests on youtube; even tutorials on how to use your product, it’s all there. They share their experiences with your brand through public posts, and are transparent about it as well - so you know you’re investing on the perfect influencer.. It’s a great way to introduce and expand your brand to the public. They build awareness about your brand and build up target customers which will then result to those target customers becoming actual buying customers. From a simple Facebook or Instagram post by them, you will already be generating sales. Influencers are also a good investment because of their credibility. With each influencer having their own set of skills, their credibility reigns from every quality content they put out. Followers become aware about their expertise in their craft basing on their metrics and content, and with influencers introducing and reviewing your brand online, the followers will start to trust that your brand is good because their favorite influencer has a certain level of authority to them. They know their audience really well and maintain a good relationship with their followers by constantly communicating and interacting - so they know what their followers want. With this knowledge they have, there are more chances of them mentioning your product with each interaction they make. They even do giveaways to their followers, as part of the good relationship they maintain. They are also aware of the influence they make to the audience so they also keep a good image to retain their credibility. With their number of followers growing, they are a great medium to reach out to your potential customers. Influencers are a perfect voice to speak to customers. Consumers are generally more inclined to learn about a product from the endorser - not from the brand itself since brands tend to become biased when promoting their products. Influencers become advocates to your brand and will eventually develop loyalty to you as their brand. They are the perfect third party that can help you reach out to your potential customers. Not only are they selling your product, they will also develop a close relationship with you as a brand and will be willing to do more for you in the future. With the consistency that they have with you, it will create traffic on your site and grows your social media followers, which eventually improves your SEO. Lastly, influencers think outside of the box. They always have a fresh idea or concept with their content so you won’t even have to worry about your customers getting fed up about the usual trends. They always have something new to offer when it comes to promoting your product, and that’s how you know your getting good publicity. They make sure that their content is appealing to the audience and they work hard on improving it to make sure they don’t lose their followers. Influencers have become one of the most in demand public figures in the millenial generation, sometimes even more than mainstream celebrities. They have become the voice of the people, and their influence expands even to mainstream media, with press conferences, tv guestings, social events, and even billboards. They are the voice of a generation, so investing on them will not be a regret.