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The New Employees Will Gain
Date Added: October 22, 2017 05:30:56 AM
Author: Celsa Bourgeois
Category: Science and Technology
Formerly the University of Education Indonesia is known by the name of IKIP - Bandung, but in line with the development of the name of the University of Education of Indonesia began akreditasi institusi perguruan tinggi to be a substitute on behalf of his old. The university was founded on October 20, 1954, since that University of Indonesia Education has become one of the producers of educators in the archipelago. Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta was founded on 18 September 1958 which has the national ranking of 28 BAN - PT version in 2013 and 2,394 worldwide webometrics version in the same year. Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Geography, Faculty of Islam, And Faculty of Communication and Informatics. Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta has a national rating of 17 BAN - PT version in 2013, and ranked the world 's 1,802 webometrics version in the same year. Students exchange activities also become a tradition that always done by this university in developing science in Indonesia, especially in education.Basic Information:Location Address: South Ring Road, Kasihan, Bantul, DI YogyakartaPhone Number Manager: +62274 3876567. University of Mercu BuanaMercu Buana University was ranked 18th national version of BAN - PT in 2013, and ranked 1,830 worldwide webometrics version in the same year. The campus also has an online literature center which is often used as a reference for UG-Pedia literature problem, which always serves the students of Gunadarma University as well as the public in searching for references concerning the literature. Petra Christian University also has a network of cooperation with several other universities abroad, so there are many exchange programs between students. The faculties we can choose from in this university include the Faculty of Islamic Studies, the Faculty akreditasi institusi perguruan tinggi of Economics, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, the Faculty of Agriculture, the Faculty of Engineering, and the Faculty of Language Education. Graduates who have been widely known by the wider community who had studied at Gunadarma University, among others Ruby Alamsyah, Hesti Purwadinata, and Ayu Ting Ting.Basic Information:Location Address: Jalan Margonda Raya 100, Depok, Jawa BaratManager Phone Number: +6221 788811122. Petra Christian UniversityPetra Christian University was ranked 12th nationally by BAN - PT in 2013, and was ranked as the world's 1590 webometrics version in 2013 as well. Facilities such as hybrid libraries are also owned by this university, making it easier for students to find information in it. LPDP scholarship registration can be done online which is open all year with four times acceptance. Baca referensi standar akreditasi perguruan tinggi. Applicants may adjust the course plan to be taken with the schedule of the registration. What is characteristic of Petra Christian University is the result of their scientific publications that can be accessed online by anyone. Gundarma University is also opening an international class and virtual class where indeed its existence is to answer the challenges of global education. As previously discussed, the LPDP Scholarship is a full scholarship funded by the Indonesian government through the utilization of the National Education Development Fund (DPPN). Currently available S2 akreditasi perguruan tinggi swasta and S3 scholarships for various majors that can be submitted for college in the country and abroad. The types also vary, such as BPI S2 and Doctoral Program, Presidential Scholarship, Doctor Specialist Scholarship, Affirmation Scholarship, and Research Fund Assistance. Facilities in the form of distance lectures also become one of the campus favorite services. The university is also known as an international lecture program where an academic degree can be obtained by attending a college course at an existing Bina Nusantara University college campus.Location Address: Jalan KH Syahdan No. 9, Kemanggisan, DKI JakartaManager Phone Number: akreditasi perguruan tinggi swasta +6221 53458306. University of Muhammadiyah YogyakartaThe university was founded on March 1, 1981, where the university combines scientific competence with akhlaqul karimah which is the hallmark of Islamic da'wah managed by the Muhammadiyah Ormas who became the official owner of this campus.