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The Report Analyzes The Proper Execution
Date Added: October 28, 2017 06:13:58 AM
Author: Leandro Gleason
Category: Science and Technology
The faculties that we can choose on this campus include Faculty of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Health Sciences.Basic Information:Location Address: Jalan Raya Tlogomas No. 246, Malang, East JavaManager Phone Number: +62341 4643189. Telkom UniversityTelkom University is the best information high school in Indonesia. The university is ranked 24th in the national version of BAN - PT in 2013 and ranked 2,127 worldwide in the same year. Master degree in IndonesiaIn Indonesia, the master's degree is arranged by the college senate and is written behind the rightful name by listing the letter M followed by the initial field of study. Master degree in Indonesia, among others:Master of Hospital Administration (MARS)Master of Occupational Medicine (MKK)Master in Tropical Medicine (M.Ked.Trop.)Master of Midwifery (M.Keb.)Master of Nursing (M.Kep.)Master of Health (M. Kes.).Master of Public Health (MKM)Master of Epidemiology (M.Epid.)Master of Pharmacy (M.Farm.)Master of Pharmacy Clinic (M.Farm.Klin.)Master of Occupational Safety and Health (MKKK)Master of Biomedicine (M.Biomed / M.Si.Med.)Master of Social Welfare Science (M.Kesos.)Master of Accounting (M.Ak.)Master of Architecture (M.Ars.)Master of Design (M.Ds.)Master of Divinity (M.Div.)Master of Economics (ME)Master of Law (MH)Master of Humanities (M.Hum.)Master of Science in Communication (MIKom.)Master of Computer (M.Kom.)Master of Kenotariatan (M.Kn.)Master of Management (MM)Master of Education (M.Pd.)Master of Science Education (M.Pd.Si.)Master of Educational mata kuliah manajemen bisnis its kuliah bisnis Management (M.Pd / MMPd.)Master of Information Systems Management (MMSI)Masters in Teaching Mathematics (M.PMat.)Master in Teaching Physics (M.PFis.)Master in Chemistry Teaching (M.PKim.)Master of Science (M.Si.)Master of Science Accounting (MSAk.)Master of Science in Economics (MSE)Master of Science in Management (MSM)Master of Engineering (MT)Master of Information Technology (MTI)Master of Engineering Management (MMT)Master of Theology (M.Th.)Master of Theology of Ministries (M.Min.)Master of Divinity Theology (M.Div.)Master of Philosophy (M.Fil./M.Phil.)Master of Agribusiness Management (MMA)Master of Agroindustry Technology (MTA)Master of Psychology (M.Psi.)Master of Agriculture (MP)Master of Agricultural Technology (MTP)Master of Forestry (M.Hut.)Master of Arts (M.Sn.)Master of Science in Administration (MA)Master of Public Administration (MAP)Master of Business Administration (MAB)Master of Educational Administration (MAPd.)Master of Religion (M.Ag/MA)Master of Islamic Education (M.Pd.I.)Master of Islamic Studies (MSI)Master of Islamic Law (MHI)Master of Islamic Economics (MEI)Master of Islamic Economics (MESy.)Master of Islamic Theology (M.Th.I.)Master of Islamic Philosophy (M.Fil.I.)Master of Social Islam (M.Sos.I.)Master of Islamic Thought (MPI)Master in Sports (M.Kor.)Master of Religion in Humanities (MA.Hum.)Master of Religion in Education (MA.Pd.)Master of Religion of Law (MA.Hk.)Master of Religion in Medicine (MA.Ked.)Master of Religion in Science (MA.Si.)Magister of Sharia (M.Sy.)Master of Science Ushuludin (M.Ud.)Master of Public Health (M. Kes.)Master of Hospital Management (MMR)Master of Health Law (MHKes.)Master of Tourism Management (M.Par.)Master of Linguistics (M.Li.)Master of Art (MA)Master of Art Education (MAEd.)Master of Science (M.Sc.)Master of Science and Social (M.Sc.Soc)Master of Science Engineering (MSE)Master of Accounting (M.Acc.)Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)Master of Laws (LL.M.)Master of Computer Science (M.Cs.)Master of Economic (M.Ec.)Master of Public Administration (MPA)Master of Business Administration (MBA)Master of Education (M.Ed.)- Master of Medical Education (M.Med.Ed.)Master of Public Health (MPH)Master degree in another countryMaster's degrees in other countries include Master of Business Administration. In the United Kingdom a masters degree is sometimes awarded to undergraduate graduates who in recent years have high-level courses and a major research project. In a recent European higher education diploma standard system, the program is a two-year graduate program entered after three years of undergraduate study and is a preparation for high-qualification work or for doctoral studies. The motto of this university is Let Your Light Shine (let your light shine) because it is a reflection of petra philosophy that is identical with the meaning of enlightenment for mankind.Basic Information:Location Address: Jalan Siwalankero 121-131, Surabaya, Jawa TimurPhone Number Manager: +6231 84390403.